Crud x JOA
-Where the concrete meets the woods-

The Askja Backpack is a collaboration between Crud and Jonas Olsson- a Swedish designer that has been designing luggage for some of the largest brands. In this unique pack, we combine the roughness and durability of the classic Crud pack with the pattern construction and details found in the collection of JOS series.

Each leather detail in the Askja pack is carefully selected and hand washed in a special blend of water and leather oils. After washing, the leather is left to slowly dry before all leather edges are beveled, waxed and burnished and the leather surface is hand polished. This treatment gives the leather surface a rugged and aged look. Equipped with Italian Raccagni zipper.

Crud x Lundhags
Gränsland boots

Lundhags x Crud - Gränsland is the result of a collaboration between Lundhags and Crud, two Swedish brands with a passion for craftsmanship and sustainability.

 Gränsland is a exclusive and durable limited-edition boot, with a design that is inspired by the classic alpine boot. The ambition of creating Gränsland has been simple - Zero compromises in terms of quality, materials and construction.

 The boots are made from Heinen leather and incorporate a Goodyear welt, Vibram soles and German hardware. The Gränsland boots come as a kit with a Vegetable tanned leather keychain and leather grease.


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